Kachina Highlands FAQ

Will the proposed Kachina Highlands development receive water and sewer services from KVID?


Yes. The proposed development of Kachina Highlands falls within KVID’s district boundaries. As such, the utility is obligated to provide service to the new development. However, KVID is not obligated to do so at a cost to the existing residents. KVID management and its Board of Directors are committed to insuring that any costs of the new development are paid by the developers, not by existing Kachina Village residents.


Does Kachina Highlands have an agreement for water and sewer services with KVID?


No. At this time the developers have elected to work with Coconino County for plan approval before engaging with KVID regarding the new connections. When the plan for Kachina Highlands is finalized the utility will consult with its engineers to determine the impacts the additional connections may have on the water system and work towards an agreement that supports the ongoing operation of the utility and places any costs for system improvements on the developers, not the utility. Any agreement will be reviewed by KVID’s Board of Directors who would need to provide the final approval before the development moves forward.


Did KVID raise the water and sewer rates to accommodate the new development?


No. KVID’s recent rate increase was to accommodate continued investment and longevity of the existing utility and make up for twelve years without a rate increase. The current rates are needed regardless of the new development.


Does the KVID wastewater plant have the capacity to serve the new development as well as any undeveloped parcels in Kachina Village?


Yes. Our wastewater plant is currently rated at .309 MGD (million gallons a day) based on our ADEQ permitting. Our daily average is around .15 MGD. KVID’s wastewater plant is operating at around 50% of its capacity, leaving plenty of capacity left for the new connections.


Is the KVID wastewater plant currently operating at a deficiency?


No. Our plant is currently in compliance with ADEQ and our operating permit and is meeting the demands that the Kachina Village is placing on it. We have kept our plant in compliance with ADEQ for at least the past 10 years.


What is the condition of KVID’s underground infrastructure and can it support the new development?


Like most utilities of the same era, KVID’s underground infrastructure is aging. This is an issue that must be addressed regardless of the new development, and any further buildout is not likely to have significant impact on how KVID addresses its underground infrastructure needs.


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